Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Computer Vs Books

Now a days almost everyone could afford to have computer a cutting edge system as replacement for recording data into books but yet books are still been used so widely. I wonder why?

But I guest and I think there are Pro and Contra about it. There was once a topic that I wrote inside my blog in which about common things. I think computers are becoming common things to us in this generation. How about that?. More and more talks about computer even mobilephone is a computer. However Personal Computer are not that cheap compare to book. There was once I had conversation between my friend who are good friend of mine who introduce me about this web blog. The topic are comparing between Personal computer and book which are will last longer interm of keeping data and be usefull untill generatio to generation. Here are some of the advantages that we have come up.

Advantages of computer are:

1. All the media, photo and motion picture are keep in the Personal computer.
2.We could track all the data in one Personal Computer.
3.We might be reducing the usage of paper or paperless.
4.Transferring data are much easier and faster.
5. We could gather as many data as we want as long our storage data is not full.
6.We could retrive our data even we kept it some other places as long we could
internet connection.
7.We could bring anyway we want as long there is a power source or the
battery is still available.

Advantages of book
1.Cheaper if compare to computer.
2.Book do not depend any power source.
3. At the end of the day all the data in the Personal Computer will might be keep into a form of books.
4.Book will never corrupt compare to computer unless the reader it self want to
do so.
5.Book we could bring anyway provided how thickness and how willingness of the reader.
6.Books could be pass it on to generation to generation we preserve it nicely.

I think for me books is still the best way to keep and storing our data. However for personal computer is one of my tool to track and gather all my data that i needed where by while i still alive on earth. If you have any idea where by you belief the computer is much better compare to book. Please do not hesitate leave your comment.



CSimon said...

Hi, interesting post. In my opinion, just to add, Both storage medium is susceptible to damage due to water, extreme heat, corrosive liquid, fire and so on. Also both have their advantages and disadvantages. to me both is still applicable. Maybe you can write the disadvantages for both. Happy blogging....

Rendy said...

Yes.I think you have the point there and by this information we hope that manufacturer or designer or engineer could find the solution that we have come. Don't you thinks so?.

Mahima Mathur said...

Really great..quite useful :)

CrtronicTechnology said...

Hi Mahima,
I take that as compliment.